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A Thorough Marine Survey Is The BEST Protection For Your Investment

Marine Surveyor Melbourne, FL

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Today’s crude oils have increased viscosity and density, along with a higher concentration of impurities and water, which are not removed during the refining process. Higher levels of asphaltene and carbon residue are also present. These factors contribute to a wide range of storage, handling and combustion problems, often creating undesirable combustion byproducts. This combustion byproduct can be carbon build up on marine engine parts and exhaust pollution (NOx).


These refining issues translate into two types of diesel fuel problems that I find on pleasure yachts and commercial vessels, those that are here now, that you can see and those that are waiting to happen. You can be proactive and treat the problem or just accept it as a cost of doing business. Fix the fuel problem and increase the bottom line or ignore it and replace equipment when you think it is time.


Time after time diesel engine owners have encountered fuel problems and repeatedly these problems have been diagnosed as "Algae in the tank." Anyone that has encountered this "diagnosis" by a marine engine surveyor or mechanic should be aware that the "expert" that made the diagnosis is NO EXPERT.

Marine Surveyor Melbourne, FL

Diesel sludge aka "algae" is in fact asphaltene. Asphaltene is naturally occurring impurities found in all diesel fuel. Asphaltenes are insoluble in diesel fuel. This means they will not magically dissolve in your fuel. Read more...

Marine Surveyor Melbourne, FL

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We want you to know what to expect from the survey process and, just as importantly, what not to expect. Sand Dollar Marine Surveyor  Melbourne enjoys a national reputation for thorough survey inspections and well written, comprehensive and user friendly reports. We guarantee our report acceptance by all lending resources. Client references and sample reports are available on request.

Michael Cunningham


Accepted by most Major Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions

Marine Surveyor Melbourne

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August 13, 2018


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