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Marine Surveyor St. Marys, Georgia

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Servicing Your SternDrive/OutDrive Units

How often should it be done? I recommend stern drive/Out Drive unit maintenance every 50-65 hours. To most boaters  in New England coastline and lake regions, this equates to once per season. The best time to perform this service is the same time you haul out to winterize your boat. If you exceed 65 hours per boating season, I will still recommend you to stick to the 50-65 hours and service your drive(s) when you winterize at the end of the season.

Servicing outdrives not only performs a required maintenance function but it also can give you insight into the condition of your internal drive components. Water is a major enemy of drive units. Water in a unit, that has been recently run, will cause the oil to look milky. Outdrives that have set for a few days and had time to separate will drain water first and then the oil. Remember oil floats on water. Also check the tip of your magnetized drain plug and the oil itself for metallic shavings. this magnetized drain plug is located at the bottom of the outdrive housing just below the prop. Its not abnormal to have some very fine particles, demonstrating normal wear or break in, but larger pieces are a sign of serious problems. Any indication of water or excessive metallic fines should be brought to the attention of a qualified marine mechanic immediately.


Marine Surveyor St. Marys, Georgia

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We want you to know what to expect from the survey process and, just as importantly, what not to expect. Sand Dollar Marine Surveyor  St. Marys, GA enjoys a national reputation for thorough survey inspections and well written, comprehensive and user friendly reports. We guarantee our report acceptance by all  lending resources. Client references and sample reports are available on request.

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Marine Surveyor St. Marys, Georgia

(772) 321 2428 Text *  (321) 622 8132

August 13, 2018


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