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Marine Surveyor Vero Beach, Florida

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Strategies:  Securing Boats Ashore


People who have watched boats in hurricanes that were stored ashore on jack stands say the boats are constantly being buffeted back and forth, ever so slightly.  Over time, the movement can work the jack stands that support the hulls out of position, which results in the boat falling over in major hurricanes, at least a few of the boats stored ashore at every marina have been blown over.  And at some marinas, almost all of the boats stored ashore have been toppled over.  While boats ashore tend to suffer less damage in hurricanes than boats stored in the water, the extent of the damage ashore remains significant - broken bulkheads, smashed hulls and , on sailboats, broken masts.

Marine Surveyor Vero Beach, Florida

In the past few hurricanes, a technique emerged that promises to minimize damage from boats being blown over.  Strap them to the ground.  Doug Hillman at Sebastian River Marina in Florida calls securing boats to the ground in high winds "common sense.:  Scott Watson at Indiantown Marina in Florida says they always secure boats to the ground whenever they're stored ashore.  He estimates that in hurricanes Wilma, Frances and Jeanne, the technique reduced the number of boats that were blown over by two-thirds.  The same is true of boats at Puerto del Rey Marina in Puerto Rico, Swan Point Marina in North Carolina and at the Hinckley Company Marina in Florida.  As Watson said, "Securing boats to the ground damn sure helps."



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Marine Surveyor Vero Beach, Florida 

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Accepted by most Major Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions

Marine Surveyor Vero Beach

August 13, 2018


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