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A Thorough Marine Survey Is The BEST Protection For Your Investment!


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Marine Surveyor West Palm Beach


The color and quantity of exhaust smoke tells a great deal about the condition of a marine diesel engine. All marine engines create smoke to some extent, but if the diesel engine is in good condition, the quantity will almost be invisible. Defects that affect the fuel, breathing or compression will prevent correct combustion and lead to excessive exhaust smoke. 

Black Smoke is caused by partially burned fuel. When the fuel/air mixture increases there is insufficient oxygen present in the cylinders to complete the combustion process. Large quantities of carbon are then produced which appear from the exhaust as minute black soot particles. Engines with turbochargers have additional sources of black smoke.


Marine Surveyor West Palm Beach

Sand Dollar Marine Surveyor

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We want you to know what to expect from the survey process and, just as importantly, what not to expect. Sand Dollar Marine Surveyor West Palm Beach, FL enjoys a national reputation for thorough survey inspections and well written, comprehensive and user friendly reports. We guarantee our report acceptance by all lending resources. Client references and sample reports are available on request.

Michael Cunningham 

Accepted by most Major Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions

Marine Surveyor West Palm Beach

August 13, 2018

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